About DESCRAMBLE Project Gateway About DESCRAMBLE Project Gateway

This gateway is an access point to a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) deployed and operated in the context of DESCRAMBLE EU-project to support participants in data and information management and collaboration.

The Virtual Research Environments are "systems" per-se aiming at providing their users with a web-based working environment offering the entire spectrum of applications and facilities (including services, data and computational facilities) needed to accomplish a given task. They offer specialized functionalities for the management, processing, and visualization of scientific data and textual content.

The DESCRAMBLE dedicated VRE is used as working platform by the project partners to facilitate discussion, collaboration, data sharing and general project management, providing a comprehensive suite of tools, which support a collaborative, standards oriented data publication environment.

This gateway exploits the services offered by the high performance e-Infrastructure made available by the D4Science.org organization and the federation and integration of the resources provided by the DESCRAMBLE consortium (e.g., catalogue of data, data, documents).

The gateway offers various applications to community members and facilities for collaboration, such as Collaboration Environments, Social Networking and Shared Workspace.Please register (by clicking on Create Account) to use the offered services.

The gateway and the D4Science infrastructure are developed and operated by using the gCube technology.